It’s all about flavor.

Easy fudgy brownies

German recipe below Growing up, I thought box mix brownies weren’t just the easiest, but also the most delicious way to get your chocolate fix. However, after having studied abroad in the US – and brownies having become a thing in German caf├ęs – I have seen the light and am a big fan ofContinue reading “Easy fudgy brownies”

Easy homemade focaccia

German recipe below Like many other hobby bakers, I’ve recently looked into making my own bread. You can bake a delicious focaccia without many tools, so that is what I decided on. For the first try, I made a simple version with rosemary, for the second I added dried tomatoes, black olives and mozzarella. TheContinue reading “Easy homemade focaccia”

One-Pot Pastalaya Stew

German recipe below This recipe is inspired by one of my most-used cookbooks, “The American Cookbook” by Caroline Bretherton. The original recipe required quite a few spices and also uses shrimp which my husband doesn’t eat, so I’ve simplified it. You can also deviate from my version and use any proteins and vegetables that youContinue reading “One-Pot Pastalaya Stew”

Apple Peach Crumble

German recipe below Is there anything better on a rainy day than a hot sweet treat right from the oven? For a slightly more complex crumble, I like to mix two kinds of fruit, but if you just have apples on hand, this will taste great as well. This recipe makes about four portions ifContinue reading “Apple Peach Crumble”

Weeknight tuna penne

German recipe below This recipe is perfect for those weeknight pasta cravings. It comes together in twenty minutes and uses pantry staples. Depending on how much sauce you like on your pasta, you should have enough for three to four generous helpings. It also freezes and reheats well. What you will need – 300 -350Continue reading “Weeknight tuna penne”

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