Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies from Roy Fares’ cookbook United States of Cakes are hands-down the favorite sweet treat in my household – and pretty popular in my office or at potlucks as well. The recipe is pretty straightforward and almost impossible to mess up. Just make sure to chill the cookie dough before baking and take themContinue reading “Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Mediterranean Beef Puff Pastries

There is something deeply comforting about biting into a warm, flaky, buttery puff pastry. Clearly, they’re not the healthiest food out there, but you can always lighten up your meal by serving them alongside a salad or a generous helping of fresh vegetables. For this recipe, you will use store-bought puff pastry and really focusContinue reading “Mediterranean Beef Puff Pastries”

Bacon Egg Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine is a really classic dish from the French region Alsace. The egg, bacon and cream tarte is usually more of a fall dish, but tastes great whenever it’s cold and windy outside and you just want to wrap yourself in a blanket. Although it takes some time to prepare and bake, the singleContinue reading “Bacon Egg Quiche Lorraine”

Christmasy Chocolate Spice Loaf

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, cookies and spice lebkuchen are pretty much their own food group in my household. However, even with all the sweet stuff in the house, I sometimes still feel like baking a cake for Sunday tea time or a quick afternoon treat. This loaf cake is perfect for thatContinue reading “Christmasy Chocolate Spice Loaf”

Buttery Pear and Goat Cheese Galette

Hearty baked goods are among my favorite things to make during fall and winter. A galette admittedly isn’t the healthiest option among them – but there are few things as delicious as the warm, flaky and buttery crust. This recipe for a galette featuring ripe pears and creamy goat cream cheese comes together really quickly.Continue reading “Buttery Pear and Goat Cheese Galette”

Sunday Breakfast Chocolate Waffles

This recipe is great if you wake up on a Sunday craving a sweet yet simple breakfast. The batter doesn’t need any rest or any fancy treatment. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the overall “baking time” – Since the waffles are quite dark, you won’t be able to tell whetherContinue reading “Sunday Breakfast Chocolate Waffles”

Sweet and hearty “Flammekueche” tarte flambé with goat cream cheese and apples

This recipe is a great alternative to a more traditional tarte flambé (click here for my recipe) which features bacon bits and large amounts of onions. The sweet apples and tart goat cheese spread play off each other really well, while caramelized onions and chopped walnuts contribute smaller accents. You can serve it as aContinue reading “Sweet and hearty “Flammekueche” tarte flambé with goat cream cheese and apples”