Chickpea Curry with Crispy Halloumi Bites

I am usually a big fan of meals that take thirty minutes or less to make. I am however willing to spend more time for anything stew- or soup-like – especially if cooking it for longer means creamier textures and more intense flavors. And dishes that taste even better when you reheat them the nextContinue reading “Chickpea Curry with Crispy Halloumi Bites”

Sushi Bowl with Teriyaki Chicken

Whenever we go out to eat (remember when that was still a thing?), I love to order dishes that feature a lot of different ingredients, especially sauces and toppings. Sushi bowls are a great example for that – and you can make your own at home quite easily! Asides from a base of seasoned sushiContinue reading “Sushi Bowl with Teriyaki Chicken”