Bacon Egg Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine is a really classic dish from the French region Alsace. The egg, bacon and cream tarte is usually more of a fall dish, but tastes great whenever it’s cold and windy outside and you just want to wrap yourself in a blanket. Although it takes some time to prepare and bake, the singleContinue reading “Bacon Egg Quiche Lorraine”

Friday Night Tacos

German recipe below Admittedly, ground beef tacos aren’t the most complex kind of taco out there – but they’re easy to throw together using pantry staples and some fresh vegetables. That is why I call this recipe my Friday Night Tacos. They are a fun alternative to more straight-lined (and healthy) weekday meals – butContinue reading “Friday Night Tacos”

Green risotto with oven-baked salmon

German recipe below Salmon is my go-to ingredient if I want to make a fancier meal without going through a lot of preparation and cooking steps. I usually have a couple of fillets in my freezer and if I remember to defrost them on time, there really isn’t an easier protein to incorporate into slightlyContinue reading “Green risotto with oven-baked salmon”