Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies from Roy Fares’ cookbook United States of Cakes are hands-down the favorite sweet treat in my household – and pretty popular in my office or at potlucks as well. The recipe is pretty straightforward and almost impossible to mess up. Just make sure to chill the cookie dough before baking and take themContinue reading “Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Christmasy Chocolate Spice Loaf

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, cookies and spice lebkuchen are pretty much their own food group in my household. However, even with all the sweet stuff in the house, I sometimes still feel like baking a cake for Sunday tea time or a quick afternoon treat. This loaf cake is perfect for thatContinue reading “Christmasy Chocolate Spice Loaf”

Refreshing Lime Blueberry Loaf

Easy, fruit-based cakes are my go-to during the summer and this Lime Blueberry Loaf is a prime example for that. I use lime zest for both the batter and the frosting, which makes it really refreshing. A generous portion of sour cream or Greek yogurt makes the final cake super moist and delicious. I didContinue reading “Refreshing Lime Blueberry Loaf”

Sweet and sour rhubarb strawberry compote

German recipe below Rhubarb is for sure one of my favorite summer ingredients – with really only one downside: Unlike most fruits, you cannot simply eat it raw. So what do you do if you have some rhubarb at home but don’t want to go through the hassle of baking a pie or streusel cake?Continue reading “Sweet and sour rhubarb strawberry compote”